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Hello everyone, I've never introduced myself before and there's not much to say. I am an artist and I have never created a Christian comic book before. After speaking with someone from my church about it, I've come to the conclusion that it should be a goal of mine . So what I'm saying is that I'm open to considering picking up a project to work on. If you've got a Christian based comic book idea, let me know. I can only work on one project at a time since I have a family and a life that always want to keep me from drawing.

I think what would work best is a brief description and maybe some written pages. If you're a writer with some lettering experience that would be really good too, but I'm flexible.

You check out latest here:

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Welcome aboard! I like your artwork. That is a creepy looking Ant Man :)

What kinds of things are you interested in drawing? What ideas do you have about a Christian comic?

 I wish I could tell you I have some good ideas but I don't at this time. That's why I thought reaching out to the community would be a good idea.

That's fair. It is tricky to think of a good story.

What kind of things do you like to draw?

Traditional comic book heroes are my bread and butter but if I could choose it would probably be sci-fi fantasy. But I'm open to a good idea.

To call you a professional would be an understatement, brother.;) Your decision to focus on a Christian themed comic is a tough choice to make; I pray blessings on your success. I know you will fit in quite well around here.

God bless ya!

Thanks, I know there are some Christian comics out there but why not add the number. And I think when people ask you what's on your comic book reading list, you can include some Christian titles and maybe pass them along. Well, that's the goal I think.

That is the great thing about being the artist on the comic: you DO get to make the choice.

I love sci-fi and fantasy also. I don't have a particular story in mind, but let's talk more about it.

I fairly open to most genres, if you've got something that you think would be good, I'd like to see it. But if you want to put something new together that's fine too.

I sent you a friend request. Approve it and we can email each other directly.

Hello Daniel,

I am new to the group, but I came here specifically looking for a Christian artist.  My partner and I are looking for a style similar to young justice, or one piece. 

Basic idea of the story is that modern city has gotten so corrupt that not even heavens angels can not be in the city because the atmosphere is toxic to them.  Demons and evil spirits control everything, yet most people believe everything is ok.   As a result God calls up a (Remnant) teens ranging from 14 to 19 with different backgrounds both socially and spiritually. A atheist, a believer, agnostic, a private believer, and an in-decided.  As God's Remnant they receive various gifts/powers in order to begin to fight back. We also follow them on their own different paths to faith, and their growth.   

We have one years worth of story laid out, and a plan for 4 years worth of stories.  Our hope is to release one book,  the equivalent of about 4 issues a quarter. 

Is this something you might be interested in partnering up with us about?

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Pastor Anthony


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