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Coming up with case ideas and action scenes/ Writer's block again

I've been having writer's block again. I was at a con last weekend and went to a writing panel and was very inspired, but all that's gone now.Every time I try to write, I have so much trouble phrasing the words on my iPad that I can only get one sentence in ten minutes (sometimes it takes much longer). I also get distracted easily and can only get a few words down before something else grabs my attention. And sometimes I feel like I just don't know what I'm doing. I feel like if I knew how many cases I needed to write for the entire series and what they were about (as well as the action scenes), I would feel much better about things. Any advice?

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I think your block is caused by setting your standard so high that your intimidated. Your Con may have been inspiring, but it can also make your creative standards so high that you don't want to start. I have cleaned an entire kitchen rather than start an art project that I'm afraid of messing up on. Inside you know that you're no longer just creating for fun, but you want to improve and that's intimidating.

If that is the case, try the following: 1)In prayer, dump responsibility on God. Ask him what to do about your urge to create. If he want you to create then point out to him (nicely) that he's going to have to help you organize your time and build persistence.

2) Encourage your spirit with bits of scripture such as Philippians 3 or Hebrews 11.

3) Lay out your project and break it into the smallest possible pieces. Then on a regular schedule do one piece.

4) Team projects, fan art and even art trades are a lower stress ways to get creating.

God bless and inspire you, KG.

I found these tools helpful for moving out of the "block". I hope you find them useful:

(Tiki-Toki is web based)

I have used CeltX. It has a few cool project tools, but lets you write scripts, outlines even comic book blockings.

I have even copied some of the epistles by hand, just to keep writing. It was very relaxing, eye opening (I've been a Christian for 41 years and there still things that jump out at me from the Word)

Blessings to you!


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