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Just wanted to throw a question out there:  what are you reading in the way of (secular and/or Christian) comic books, strips, graphic novels, manga, online comics, etc. that's out there now.  Not what are your favorites of time past, but current reading in the year 2013 (it can be reprint material, too).  This is not to condemn or endorse any particular titles---just a survey sort of question.  If you don't read comics anymore, that's a legit answer, too.

Hope to hear from everyone who frequents this forum! 

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No apology needed, Capt.!  Seems the survey time has passed, so discussion is wide open.  I fully agree with you about comics from the Bronze Age on back.  Those are the titles that sold anywhere between 200,000 copies to a million copies each (in the U.S. alone), the titles which were easily available at every corner marketplace, drugstore, newsstand, etc.  It's such a niche market now, by comparison---and, lamentably, most fans and creators do not care about flagrant immorality in the material (same with television, film, commercial music, etc.). 


Kind regards in Christ Jesus,


I think this current age of digital internet-linked comics a golden age for amateurs!  The avalanche of unskilled productions is loud and messy and…just trying all sorts of new directions. One result is that a lot of former fans(myself included) have quit buying mainline comics and started buying books and art lessons( from quality institutions such as the Kubert school, yes?).  Our precious disposable time and funds are going into hanging out at internet blogs and galleries, working on our “riffs” and hoping that each new effort gets closer to the polished pieces by the pros at CCAS or featured at Kingstone Comics.

Is this a “better time” for godly comics than some previous time?    I’m immediately reminded of a portion of scripture addressed to all redeemed believers, from 1st Peter2:9 “But you are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God.”   An era where more believers are actively trying to minister(as priests) rather than paying the pros will lower the overall quality of ministry yet increase more growth in the body of Christ.


I know the survey is over, but several comics I have read recently include the Mega Man graphic novels, Samson the Nazirite, and a web comic called Brawl in the Family.

The only comics I read regularly are CAPTAIN SNES ( and K C Green's comics (, and REAL LIFE COMICS ( if I'm bored. I read other comics irregularly mostly due to their update schedules...


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