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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - After a four-year hiatus, Joe Endres, creative force behind Megazeen as well as an artist for several other publications, has returned with his long-anticipated sci-fi fantasy, Colossians. 

Near and dear to his heart, Endres has been creating and tweaking these characters since his childhood, all for this moment.

"I usually explain that it's about a deep, evil conspiracy on a faraway planet, and a handful of misfits and space pirates get caught up in it," explains Endres.  "But the ongoing theme of Colossians is the controversial figure of Christ, how He continues to just fly in the face of any cultural norm.  These characters will be confronted with that truth, and have to make some serious choices.  We can explore that even deeper in a sci-fi setting.  The biblical analogies should be apparent to those in the know, while the story still provides a fantastic sci-fi romp with some very colorful characters."

Colossians is also not following the norms of the comic industry - a trait Megazeen was notorious for, with its rotating logos, irregular schedule and sometimes irreverent tone.  The talent pool will change from issue to issue, utilizing some of the best talent Megazeen ever had to offer in its ten-year history as an underground zine, the self-proclaimed "Christian comics without the cheese."

"This is our playground.  These artists aren't just restricted to drawing my script, they're bringing their own unique feel to each issue, with a plot specifically designed with each of them in mind," says Endres.  "We know where the story needs to go - I'm enjoying seeing how each artist gets us there, how each artist designs the secondary characters, the outfits, the scenery.  It's a team effort, the dynamic is amazing!  It's just as much fun for me to read the final product as anyone!"

Issue 1 is written and inked by Joe Endres, with pencils by Thom "Kneon Transitt" Pratt and colors by Mark Melton.  The striking cover was painted by illustrator Jeff Slemons.  Dan Barlow is finishing the pencils for the second issue now, and Jesus Marquez is slated for the third.

The first issue makes its debut on June 23, 2012 at "Superheroes for Hospice" a comic book show that raises funds for St Barnabas Hospice in Livingston, NJ. 

You can learn more about Colossians, and buy a copy of the first issue, at

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Wow, you've got a terrific crew of creatives involved in your book! Congratulations on issue 1, I hope "Colossians" will be the big hit you've dreamed of and sweated to make a reality. God bless you guys!


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