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I figured out a new plot twist for Hazel’s power, when she’s in someone else’s body, her own body is essentially dead for the five minutes she’s taken someone else over. What physical, emotional, and mental, and spiritual drawbacks would she have from her physical body constantly dying and coming back to life?

I’ve tweaked Dalton’s power a little bit. Rather than being able to read minds, he’s able to see other people’s memories in his own mind. What do you guys think?

How can I come up with unique cases where I can work in the characters’ abilities? Most of the cases I’ve come up with are very simple and don’t have a lot of room for plot twists, let alone the characters’ powers. I’m especially having trouble working Brianna’s power in and cutting it out would go against what I intend for the product I want for my series to be.

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Hazel will start loosing brain cells after 5 minutes, and unlike other tissues brain loss is forever. However with a little techno-magic a small pump could be carried around to keep blood flowing to the brain and extend this time by quite a bit.

Dalton is going to gain a lot of empathy and understanding about people through accessing their memories. However this empathy for others could really slow his own actions down; could be fatal if he was facing an aggressor.

Your initial stories have plot twists occur automatically is you "reveal" the characters surprising power.  Secondary stories with two supers have plot-twists occur as the characters are forced to work as a team to conquer a problem they couldn't have handled as individuals.

Thanks! What’s interesting is that Hazel can only be out of her body for five minutes at a time before “returning.” Do you think a pump would still be necessary in that case? If so, how/where would it attach/connect?

What if when hazel returns to her body she is flooded by the memories from the person she took over, and she is unable to decifer hers from the foren memories, thus she needs Dalton to help her piece her mind back together, could creat a unique relationship between the two.

The idea of a pump is good. It could maybe be handled like an insulin pump, and worn under her clothes. However, you'll want to consider her need for oxygen as well. Perhaps a small O2 pump in her purse (?) or a small O2 tank could be caried for those events (?). Keep at it and all the best. God Bless You.


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