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Does anyone have any advice for coming up with unique character designs? Right now when I envision most of the characters I haven’t drawn yet looking like Ace Attorney characters, Danganronpa charaters, and celebrities whose career height was somewhere between the 80s and the early 2000s (when most of the TV shows I watch aired), or at the very least other people’s characters. I know to draw several drawings with different designs before finalizing a “look” for a character, but do you have any other advice? Also, to everyone who celebrated over the last couple of days, Happy Thanksgiving!

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The way I make characters is to combine a bunch of characters into one design. 

Another way is to base the design off of a character, then alter the details until not only they look different, but you're pleased with the design. 

Happy Thanksgiving, KG.  

    My one piece of advice is that each new character should have a unique silhouette or outline. This allows you to rotate each character or put them into crowds or odd poses, and the audience is never confused about which character is being represented.

Happy creating!



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