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I’ve been playing around with the drawbacks of different Irregular abilities in my series and came up with a good one for Hazel. When Hazel “takes over” another person’s body, her own body freezes in time (though it appears as though she’s unconscious and not breathing). This prevents her from aging in the 5 minuets she’s “looking through someone else’s eyes” (as she puts it), so while mentally she’s 33 (though she does behave childishly due to a trauma she experienced during a snatch), she physically matures at a much slower rate (she was 11 when her first snatch occurred). This is kind of unrelated, but the only senses she experiences while she’s in someone else’s body are sight and sound (and they’re much more vivid than normal, which is a shock to her considering the glasses she wears to block her ability make weaken her vision in some way and cause everything she looks at while wearing them to have a purplish tint), but I haven’t figured out how much of the person she’s “taken over”’s thoughts and feelings she experiences. Any ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts on both of these ideas.

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Your ideas all sound great! If she felt all of their emotions and thoughts, it would be more interactive for her. 

If she felt limited resistance, it wouldn't be as mentally taxing. 

By the way: What does Hazel look like? 

There’s absolutely no way for her to take control of the person she’s taken over. It’s as though she’s watching their life on a TV screen but the screen is their eyes. I had never thought of her being able to influence the thoughts of the people she’s “snatched,”  though. That might be interesting. As for what she looks like, I know she’s going to have a black twindrill hairstyle and wear glasses with thick white frames and purple lenses. I’m thinking she’ll wear a white frilly blouse (not sure of the design), a dark purple jersey-knit blazer, a purple Lolita-style skirt, pink and white striped tights or knee socks (I haven’t decided between those yet), and pink and purple canvas high-tops. She also has a stuffed toy called Pandacorn (a panda with bright purple eye patches and a pink unicorn horn and Pegasus wings) that she absolutely loves to hold and cuddle with. I’ll try to draw pictures of both Hazel and Pandacorn soon. I’m taking a lifelong learning class that takes priority right now.


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