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Sorry if you've seen this elsewhere, I'm posting this in several places because I believe it to be important.  

I've always been a fan of Buffy and Joss Whedon's writing because I've found it pretty entertaining.  Now Joss Whedon has always been an outspoken gay activist, which is his right.  I don't mind that, and I think I'm fairly tolerant in terms of letting people write what they believe and separating entertainment from the reality of the world.  The media and entertainment world never will promote Christian values, and most of the time they downright mock them, that's just how it is.    However, there is a line that has to be drawn, and Dark Horse comics with Joss Whedon and Co. have crossed it.   

In the back of the Riley one-shot there was nearly a full page of "NO PROP H8" pictures and propaganda in the letters column.  To me, this act is over the line because by the tag line, it calls people who are not in support of gay marriage hateful, which brought to its logical conclusions means Christians are wrong headed in their beliefs.   At that point, it doesn't become simply having a gay fictional character in a cast, it becomes outright preaching politics at me, a comic book reader.   I didn't pay $3.50 to read a full page of spitting in the face of my beliefs.  It's utterly rude, and you would never see a mainstream comic book with a page saying  "Keep the sanctity of marriage!"  in a million years.  Nor would I really want to do that as a creator either, because I'd be pushing politics on readers in the opposite direction.   

I wrote a letter to Dark Horse earlier, and if you're a Buffy fan, I'd urge you to write a polite letter similarly.   My text is below:   


I've been a fan of Buffy since the TV show aired years ago, and have followed all the comics up until now as well.   Unfortunately, with this issue I feel the need to draw the line and stop purchasing your comics.   

Prop 8 is a very important issue in this country, and on a topic that the majority of people have voted on and agreed with.   To characterize readers ike myself who voted for the proposition as hateful (which your advertisement on your letters page does imply) alienates people like me, and makes me not want to read your piece of entertainment, because it stops being entertaining at that point.   I could go into arguments, talk about Christianity, etc. but I'd be digressing from the issue, and my intention is not to debate your philosophy or views, which you have a right to have.   

Politics is everywhere these days, and the entertainment industry does have predominantly liberal views, so it's hard to avoid when reading comics, listening to music, watching movies when I just want to read good stories about fictional characters.   I never had a problem with watching a gay Willow in the show, because that was just the character, it wasn't a political statement (or at least it wasn't presented in a way that felt like it was preaching politics to me).  When it came into the comics a couple of years ago with Buffy, it felt a little bit more forced and like the book was trying to be political, but I even overlooked that.   

Now the book has crossed the line into pushing for a legitimate vote to be overturned, and as I mentioned, characterizing it in a way that doesn't even promote a positive argument, but calls people who voted for the law hateful.   There is nothing hateful about Christianity, or supporting an institution that is steeped in tradition both of this country, and in the world.   And it is offensive. 

I enjoyed the ride, but I can't handle preaching politics in my comics.   

Good luck to you and god bless, 


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“Do not participate in the unfruitful (worthless) deeds of darkness, but instead, even expose them…” (Eph.5:11a)

Great letter, and I hope and pray it speaks to Dark Horse! I think it's great that you are letting them know they are crossing the line, and that there are many people out there who refuse to be labeled “hateful” simply because they will not accept their political and (a)moral mindset – which is unfruitful, and ultimately destructive. Look, it is going to get worse. They haven't yet gone as far as they would like to with their agenda, mostly because of the presence of the Church in the world (which is light and salt!).

I support letting the networks and publishers know that Christians are not going to fall in line with whatever the culture at large happens to approve, and will maintain their standards, even stop buying their products. Money always talks, and many in entertainment understand that language – without grasping there are certain rights and wrongs.

Be very blessed!

Very good letter. It will be interesting to see if they'll print it or if other readers agree or disagree with the direction of the book.


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