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Tim Reid over on FB posted a great question that made me curious as well. Here's what he asked:

What do you think the best way for a journalist/marketing guy to break into comics as a writer? Is the best way for me to write a comic and pay an artist to do the art, or to do the entire book yourself with your own art, or submit a story to companies still accepting submissions? I know a lot of people are doing creator owned/DIY, and I have loads of ideas, but how do you break into doing work (even part time) for some of the books we grew up with etc?



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Finding an artist who believes in and wants to draw your story is a way some have gone.  Might sound like an arduous task, but I think it'll be an easier road than getting noticed by an editor just coming in off the street.

It's unfortunately tough for writers, in particular.  One of my favorite projects to draw was the Batman Chronicles bookshelf special I did with my old pal, Bruce Canwell.  He and I had been chums long before I ever left Maine to pursue my own career.  He'd come close breaking in, but a road block always hit.  Somewhere in the mid-90's, he told me this idea he had for a Batman/Robin story.  I dug it, and shared it with a Batman editor at the time.  It was approved and "The Gauntlet" was published -- Bruce's first published comics story.

Easily one of the two or three best/smartest stories I've ever had the privilege to work on, and yet, even after that it was a tough road for this very talented writer. 

Bruce is now part of the multi-award winning team of folks who do those gorgeously packaged classic strip reprints over at IDW (Terry & the Pirates, Annie, Sickles, etc.)  He's currently at work on the second of three volumes of the life and work of Alex Toth.

Wish I had more help than an anecdote.

God bless--



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