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Hi all, I am a hobbiest (not professional), but started with Adobe Character Animator to create some animated cartoon videos. The goal was to have fun, engaging content for youth, based on a bible verse (without being overbearing). I got 2 (of 12) episodes animated (see - making the extraordinary Word of God ordinary in your life), but I had some delays with volunteer voice actors with an upcoming wedding (where are their priorities!!), so instead I have been creating them as comics (!) - no voice tracks required. I have 4 of 12 also completed at the above site.

But what is the best way to publish them? Are there are standards around for comics? (Christian comics in particular.) How to make them discoverable? 

Any feedback on what I have done is welcome as well. I am not a professional artist or anything. Just pushing on to get them out there! I have scripts for all 12 episodes written, I just have to animate them all. (The comics are created from screenshots from the animated videos I create.)

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Hey Alan, Welcome to the CCAS site!!

Impressive work on your extra ordinary TV clips. Very watchable, engaging characters.

Not sure about the best way to publish your you-tube short-features.

One way would would be to quickly put together a few Pics and stills and put them on manga galleries ( on Deviant Art for example). With every post you make say something about your Youtube creations. A lot of Deviant artists go through the slow process of commenting on others works and building conversations. Any Manga/Anime fan clubs in your area?  Any  summer-camp, day camp ministries you could share your wares to?

Lord's blessings on your work.

Thank you. I have got a DeviantArt account (XOrdinary99), but have not used it for a while. Rightly or wrongly I have been focusing on getting content done. I think I need to pick up my game on the promotion side soon. But the animation side is very time consuming so I am not sitting around idle!

Okay, so Igor Cicarini suggested WEBTOON. So I have a few episodes that I laid out for a print comic... to discover that WEBTOON recommends a different way to layout comics suitable for reading on a mobile device (you keep scrolling down the page). It makes complete sense, but means I have to lay them out all again <:-(

So I had a go at creating my first Webtoon comic. It is interesting as it feels like there is a different style used there - a lot more whitespace. Or maybe that is just the few random episodes I looked at! ;-)  But you need to format for a narrow mobile phone with lots of scrolling down the page.

Anyway, its published and live if anyone wants a look:  Suggested improvements welcome! (I got a few suggested changes in regarding fonts, rounded speech bubbles, etc).

Just subscribed to it and I will check it out!

My subscriber list just doubled! ;-)

I think I might have got carried away with the strange shaped panels, but rectangular just looks so boring after you change some others. I clearly need to read more comics...


Welcome to the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) Online Network!

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