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Celebrate the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Atonement Studios with us all year long! This month marks the ten year anniversary that I offered my first printed comic to the public, “Stick to the Shadows.” It was at the October 2002 Dallas Comic Con and I was blessed to share a booth with four of the greatest guys in the Christian Comic scene: Bud Rogers, Monte Wilson, Don Ensign and George Macas! I continued to self publish comics for about 3 years (a total of six comics) before life dragged me kicking and screaming in a different direction. Over the next seven years I continued to produce fine art pieces under the Atonement label. Now, at the 10 year mark, I'm ready to relaunch the comic portion of my studio. For the next year, every month I will be offering something new and exciting to commemorate the occasion. This month I am offering a custom matted art print of Buford the Duckling who has become the “mascot” of my comic line. Each matted piece measures 10x13 and has a colored card stock print, a hand drawn sketch and my signature in silver ink (which probably lowered the value as soon as I signed it, ha ha). This print was first offered a couple of weekends ago at the 2012 Dallas Comic Con's Fandays! Coincidence? The remaining pieces are now offered online for $18 shipped. If you are interested, please message me or email me at and make sure to put “Atonement” or “Buford” as part of the subject line. Thanks and God bless! -Ed

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Also, members of CCAS have produced the APAzine ALPHA-OMEGA for over 25 years!  We have about five openings right now!  Contact Eric Jansen for more info!  (This is a 30-member active-participation-only photocopied magazine for Christian writers and artists who submit a "trib" every other month for fun, fellowship, and critiques by other members.  Between postage and your photocopying costs, you might pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per issue.)

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