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Anime Recommendations for a 9 year old boy and a 12 year old girl

I know I posted this discussion before, but I have kind of a better idea about what my cousins like now. They both like Star Wars. The nine year old really likes Minecraft. The 12 year old really enjoys watching and playing Volleyball (I don’t know if there are any sports anime about volleyball she would enjoy). I know she also likes fantasy stories (I’m not sure which ones). I would also like recommendations for specific titles, not a website where I can look specific titles up. I would also prefer series that have English dubs and are easy to find legally. Another good suggestion would be something besides obvious shows like Pokémon or Digimon. Any suggestions? (Yes, I will ask their parents’ permission. No, I won’t force them to watch if they don’t want to. I’m not that kind of anime fan.) Also, sorry if I seem too picky. I just don’t want to scourge the entire internet and possibly run into something I shouldn’t. (I’ve only found one really good source before and I’ve been looking for several months).

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I would suggest you watch the anime Flipper Flapper and Phantasy Star Online to consider it.

Thanks! Do you know the easiest place to watch it legally?


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