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as all of you should know Spider-man just hit 700. I haven’t read issue 700 yet I just put one on hold and I plane on picking it up tomorrow. I have mixed filling on this event. Very rally dues a book make it to these kinds of numbers, duo to reboots or cancellations. When I was younger I was amazed at how Spider-man was able to talk directly to me about morality, honor, family, love, respect. I can't remember the issue number but there was an old silver age book were spider-man lost his powers, and he was fine with that and he was just going to quit. But he had an opportunity to steal some diamonds after his last fight. He had been thrown through a window and the diamonds were there for the taking. He thought to him self alls he would have to do was take a hand full, and he and Ant May would be set for life. He was tempted, after all the crud he had bin put through as spider-man he could finally have some security. But he stopped himself, saying “the last act of Spider-man should not be stealing.”

now I stopped reading Spider-man a couple years ago, after “one more day” because Spider-man, my hero, the character who had shown me wrong from write my whole life sold his soul to the devil for selfish reasons. I toke offense to that, not only did I fill that it was bad writing but the hero who was known for making the thought chooses maid a selfish chose, and it cost him his soul. In the Marvel universe when Peter Parker Dies he is going to hell because he maid a deal with Mephistopheles.

Something happened from the 1960's to today because our heroes no longer care about the condition of there souls. With all that said I will be picking up issue 700 not just because it will look good on my wall, or in my collection but because I am hoping that Spider-man will get better. Because If a man is comfortable with going to hell is he then really a hero?   

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