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I've been under a lot of pressure and stress lately because of personal problems that I'm not going to get into right now (not to mention I have my first gymnastics competition of the year tomorrow).  It's also worth noting  that this post contains very slight  spoilers for the podcast "The Bright Sessions," which you should definitely check out if you ever get the chance.  Anyway, I've been trying to decide on what Hazel's power should be. I realize there was not a lot of potential with the power I had originally chosen for her (though if you guys have any suggestions as to how to write Selective Extrasensory hearing into a crime series besides having her overhear distant conversations from criminals/culprits and witnesses, I would be grateful). Anyway, I came up with a different superhuman ability. In "The Bright Sessions," there's a character who time travels whenever she has a panic attack. When she goes to another time, she's invisible to everyone there and only interact with her surroundings so much, meaning it's highly unlikely she'll be able to change history. This gave me an idea: what if I did something similar with one of the characters in my series, but instead of time traveling, what about body snatching? One Irregular ability would be the ability to "take over" someone's body, but it would be more like watching a TV show or movie through the literal eyes of the person they've taken over (and both people fully remember what happened during the "snatch"). Snatches would happen involuntarily via five seconds of eye contact, but they could be blocked with special glasses At first I was going to write a new character with this ability, but then I realized I could change Hazel's power, but then I realized giving Hazel body snatching rather than superhuman hearing could create lots more interesting stories. What do you think?

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I think that sounds extremely amazing. It's a really cool concept, and I think it would create more interesting stories concerning Hazel. 

Thanks! I actually came up with a case where Hazel takes over the body of someone just a few minutes before they're killed and "snaps back" to her own body right before she can see the killer's face (when the person she "takes over" dies or is seriously injured, she immediately returns to her own body).

That's interesting...and a little scary for Hazel.

She could hear footsteps of a fleeing criminal or even distinguish between different footprints in a crowd. She could hear the tumblers in a lock as they turn and be able to pick a lock more easily.

She could hear the tones of a keypad or phone and know what the number is. She could hear how a person talks and tell whether or not they are stressed or lying.

Read some Daredevil comics to see how enhanced hearing can be creatively used.


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