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Exciting news! I just finished playing the second case of Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice. I thought it was going to be my most hated case in the series so far, but I was wrong. It’s not my favorite case in the series, but it would be in the top half if I were making a list of my least favorite to favorite cases. Anyway, the reason I brought it up was because as I was playing the last section of the case case, I started thinking about the concept of chosen family and wondered about incorporating this concept into my series in some way. I came up with this idea in New Eden culture, there’s an idea called “Mar Vei Huls,” which literally translates to “chosen family.” I’ve been working on the three main characters’ backstories. Brianna was excommunicated from her family for spoilerific reasons (that I haven’t completely figured out), Dalton has a poor relationship with his parents (the only family he has connections to), and most of Hazel’s family is dead (except her brother who went missing right after Hazel turned 20, the age of consent in New Eden. I kind of got the idea of chosen family after  watching NCIS (I’d been thinking about this idea for several months. I have not idea why I suddenly thought about it while playing an Ace Attorney game.) 

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Yeah! I'm pleased to see you getting relif from anxiety and get a boost of HolySpirit creativity! PTL, answered prayer!


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