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Another article from Prophesy Newswatch, I have seen this new ad for this citcom on TV here lately about "Reaper" I didn't pay much attention to it, but I don't watch tv all that much because, well, nothing good on anymore and I never had much interest in TV really, anyway this is for those who would like to know about the article:

The devil is full of fun and hilarious hijinks on a new show debuting tonight on the CW Television Network that urges viewers to "be one of Satan's tools."

"Reaper," airing at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, revolves around a "20-something slacker" named Sam Oliver, played by Bret Harrison, who has an unexpected encounter with Satan while driving on a neighborhood street.

Sam then finds out from his father a deep, dark family secret, according to a trailer on CW's website

"I probably should have told you this a long time ago," his father says. "Your mom and I sold your soul to the devil."

Sam learns of his new obligations after asking the devil, "Do I have to go to hell now?"

"You're going to work for me here," says Satan, played by Ray Wise. "You're just going to bring escaped souls back to hell. You know, like a bounty hunter. That's cool!"

Sam replies: "I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to be your stupid bounty hunter."

"You will do it," warns the devil, "or I will take your mother."

Working for Satan apparently has benefits, though, according to the show, as Sam is given special powers to woo and impress his love interest, Andi, played by Missy Peregrym.

The prominence of the show's ad on AOL's Welcome Screen stunned Tamatha Miller of Chesapeake, Va., at 7:15 a.m.

"The thing that hit me was the 'Be One of Satan's Tools' slogan," Miller told WND. "Why would anybody want to be a tool of Satan, other than a satanist? It didn't remind me of something AOL should have on its sign-on screen."

The CW Television Network, a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation, boasts of being the only network targeting young adults 18-34.

The network says that as a reflection of that audience, it "strives to be a socially responsible company with initiatives such as its 'Free 2 B Green' environmental campaign, for which the network has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council and"

what do you all think?

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wow....that is a bit extreme, all because it's named after a fish that HAS the word devil in it???.... ouch
I agree with that, but thought it interesting on how this stuff was put out there, but it does call some things to attention with subliminal messages, lol, hey, I can't disagree with Spawn...though the clown needs a beating >/body>
BIG TIME. Is the clown even in Spawn anymore? That series has been revamped more times than anything i know.
ROFL I have no Idea, I haven't seen a Spawn cartoon in so long, nor read any comics of it, lol, but all I remember is the clown....I know that Spawn wanted to give em a right good ol' thumpin!! :D
Yeah, didn't we all? :) But the regular Spawn doesn't even exist anymore, i don't think. But There was an all ages remake called Spawn X, it was a web comic, and i think it was recently revamped as a horror comic.
"TV show that urges you to be a tool for the devil?"

No, I haven't seen it, but there are TV shows that tempt me to do great evil. Namely reality TV shows. They tempt me to shoot the directors, the producers, the hosts, the participants, the sponsors, the network executives...

Just kidding, guys! ; )
spike i was going to ask so you must have watched that show monday moment of truth where the contestant confessed to stealing from her job cheating on her husband and felt she had married the wrong man. and she lost all of th money on the question do u see yourself as a good person and she said yes and the lie detector said she was lying
even the host could barely stomach this episode kept begging her to stop as he look at what was to come next questions wise
No, I haven't seen that show. I can barely watch three minutes of any reality show, with the possible exception of "Cops."

It is that "Survivor" genre that really turns me off. Those people think they are "tribes", and yet they are so nasty to each other that the name "tribe" is an insult to indigenous people all over the planet.

Then they expect to impress us by living in a wilderness situation, with no electricity, no running water, no cars, boo hoo! We know they have been raised with adequate nutrition, and that they are educated. We know that there are rescue personnel ready to Medivac them out of there if they have so much as a toothache. We know that they are only in that situation for a set period of time, and that they can give up and leave anytime they want. We know that there are no guerillas shooting at them, and that there are no land mines in the vicinity. We know that they are not going to be arrested and tortured for saying something about the government.

They are not there to learn about the natives and their history, nor to study the plants and animals, nor to save the ecosystem. They are not there to end fighting, to establish diplomatic relationships, nor to set up schools and hospitals. They are not there to offer food and medicine and the Gospel to those in desperate need. They are there to win money, to become famous, and, in some cases, to perpetuate the stereotype of the arrogant American tourist while they are at it..
LOL You've been watching too much VH1!
I'm not sure what VH1 is. If it's cable or satellite, I don't get it. Since I started getting YouTube at the library, I have just about quit watching conventional TV.
Spike: lol about what you said on the shooting bit, lol ( you at least feel that way at times no doubt!) I ain't much of a TV watcher anymore, there is not enough good stuff on, too much sex and lust and in essence "demonic" styled crap out there. I miss shows like I love Lucy, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Andy Griffith Show, Hee Haw, etc. I 'm just 21, but I like those old shows, they had what it took for TV, but now, everything is all reality shows, dating and cheating shows ( like "Cheaters" *gags*), even some of the cartoons are bad in ways now and again. That and I work at odd hours of the night, so, lol no real reason, though I do like Law & Order! :D
I think I saw one or two episodes of "Dr. Quinn." It was described at the time as "1990s rhetoric coming out of the mouths of cowboys and Indians", but I had a friend who watched it every week. Lucy and Andy Griffith were before my time, but my mother watched "Hee Haw." It was popular back when variety shows were big, and you could actually have a prime time TV show all about one genre of music.

TV shows were generally family fare until the seventies. Networks today will sink to any level to compete with DVDs, the Internet and a wide variety of portable electronic media. Somewhere along the way, the American public forgot the simple truth: that WE OWN the airwaves.

This same principle applies to the highway. If someone is driving in a manner that is reckless, or using a vehicle that is inappropriate (such as a bicycle or a tractor on the Interstate), we call the police. We don't simply change lanes. Yet the popular perception is that, if we don't like what is on the airwaves, we should just change channels.


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