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Another article from Prophesy Newswatch, I have seen this new ad for this citcom on TV here lately about "Reaper" I didn't pay much attention to it, but I don't watch tv all that much because, well, nothing good on anymore and I never had much interest in TV really, anyway this is for those who would like to know about the article:

The devil is full of fun and hilarious hijinks on a new show debuting tonight on the CW Television Network that urges viewers to "be one of Satan's tools."

"Reaper," airing at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, revolves around a "20-something slacker" named Sam Oliver, played by Bret Harrison, who has an unexpected encounter with Satan while driving on a neighborhood street.

Sam then finds out from his father a deep, dark family secret, according to a trailer on CW's website

"I probably should have told you this a long time ago," his father says. "Your mom and I sold your soul to the devil."

Sam learns of his new obligations after asking the devil, "Do I have to go to hell now?"

"You're going to work for me here," says Satan, played by Ray Wise. "You're just going to bring escaped souls back to hell. You know, like a bounty hunter. That's cool!"

Sam replies: "I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to be your stupid bounty hunter."

"You will do it," warns the devil, "or I will take your mother."

Working for Satan apparently has benefits, though, according to the show, as Sam is given special powers to woo and impress his love interest, Andi, played by Missy Peregrym.

The prominence of the show's ad on AOL's Welcome Screen stunned Tamatha Miller of Chesapeake, Va., at 7:15 a.m.

"The thing that hit me was the 'Be One of Satan's Tools' slogan," Miller told WND. "Why would anybody want to be a tool of Satan, other than a satanist? It didn't remind me of something AOL should have on its sign-on screen."

The CW Television Network, a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation, boasts of being the only network targeting young adults 18-34.

The network says that as a reflection of that audience, it "strives to be a socially responsible company with initiatives such as its 'Free 2 B Green' environmental campaign, for which the network has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council and"

what do you all think?

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your not going to like this but I actually enjoyed the episode thought it was funny great actor playing satan i cant wait till episode 2

but i also love dr who
star trek
the original dark shadows
new bionic woman
Not going to like it? lol, I ain't the type to jump down anothers throat right off man, lol, I haven't seen the episode, but this was an article I got and just passed it on ^^ I have seen star trek and dr who, but none of the others neither of them are "evil" but I mean, I only posted this because of what the article stated, this wasn't MY written article, lol.
just making sure i have gotten beaten up in person when i say I love the new dr who and they start going off about the progay stance etc the show has etc so I just making sure i am not in teh line of fire again just in case
please don't take it that I was beating you up, that was not the intent, if some misunderstanding was in order, I apologize. I think the few episodes of Dr Who I saw were funny ^^.
lol i cant win i kep trying to say to you i know yur not beatting me up but others have
oh there have been subtle hints all season and for the record I also love dr who I have all three seasons on dvds. I even like captain jack one of the funniest companions ever. wait till u see what great revealation about him in the final episode next week the producer of dr who russell t davis is gay john barrowman who plays Jack is gay so there is a agenda there
did u see the last two weeks eps with the return of the master etc?what did u think?
This show does not appeal to me at all, in fact just the ads give me the creeps. I hope the show doesn't last. That said, it would be nice to see it being revamped by real Christians with a gripping message that will scare all the sponsors away, namely that the whole world is under the control of the evil one and we put Jesus on the cross, and if we don't repent and follow Jesus, the fires of hell will overcome us. Now that's must see TV.
LOL, well, like said before, I ain't much for TV watching and all, but things including the devil as the major priority ( adult swims "Lucy Daughter of the Devil and Reaper, plus others) aren't my cup o' tea ^^
The "Reaper" show really didn't grab me the way Dr.Who or The Bionic Woman did. Not for philisophical reasons, it just didn't. Although the tagline "Be a Tool of the Devil" is a little disconcerting.:) But i think the commen theme in all of these "working for the devil" stories (Ghost Rider, Spawn, Reaper, etc.) is redemption. To me its all about second chances. In that regard, we can relate to these characters. We are all the enemies of God until we get saved. We, in a sense, work for the devil. So how do we get out of that situation? I think thats the moral of the story.
gloria what did u think of the dr who finale last friday?????
onto the devil discussion my town here has a major league baseball team called the taqmpa bay devil rays would u believe there are christians out there not go to ball games due to the devil being in the name. ironically they are dropping the devil part next season
I applaud the strength and faith these people show, but they do know that the Devil Ray is a fish, right? And i don't know if rooting for a team with devil in the name is gonna cost oyu blessings.


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