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Hi, I am a Christian writer who has absolutely no idea how to go about doing a graphic novel (I registered on under "albion", if you want a more detailed posting of my project). Basically, I need a little good advice from several corners. Also, I am looking more for a partner than a sub-contrator - that is, I need an artist to collaborate with on a close scale, and someone who would take more risk and proportionately more gain. So, any ideas? I can tell you more about the project, if interested. But it is fairly involved - its a literary, epic style fantasy/science fiction. I have a website with my sequel to Love's Labor's Lost (also, never published) and links to a short story publishing credit (minor), so I'd love to hear from anyone. Thank you and God bless.

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Stay prayerful for one . There are some very good artist out there Who are saved and want to illustrate. We just have to find them.
I am an artist who is both an illustrator and comic artist, with professional references. I was saved at 9 years old and am currently 22 years, live in the USA and am open for contracting. I would be more than willing to have more information on your project and about it and what the Lord has intended for it, please feel free to contact me at or feel free to call me at 417-934-0173 9am-6pm CST you may find my site here: and my alternate gallery here:

I look forward to hearing from you!!
Thanks for your advice. Christina, I will send you some more information shortly (family stuff going on right now). Basically, the biggest time commitment would be reading the storyline - can't one go into a graphic novel proposal with just a representative piece or two of what it would "feel like"?
No problem, I understand about family issues lol. I would be glad to read it!


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