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I've always wondered how Walt Disney and his crew were even able to make short films during the 30's, much less come out with Snow White plus the merchandising that was released during the premiere of the film! When I hear gossips about the dollar falling to being equal to Brasil's A's when it was twice that a few months ago...I'm just wondering what would happen to all the entertainment industries and CG, Drawing, writing, and music professions if another depression hits us, or if America or more of it's states fall into the thrid-world ranking. Will both the independant and the major houses still be able to surive apart from each other? Will freelance artists cease to exist at that point? Is there any safeguard process (for artists wishing not to sell their soul to Disney, PDI, or LucasArts but may even want to be their own studio) that they can go through to prevent them from losing everything if America's economy turns really sour?

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From a lecture I attended once on animation, I recall that Disney borrowed so heavily for the production of "Snow White" that his own family considered having him committed.

I also read that one movie critic suggested the dwarves should be singing "Whistle IF You Work." The movie was released in the depths of the Depression. Yet movies were the distraction that many people needed, from the economic misery in their lives.

Independent artists will likely survive, as they always did, doing a variety of commercial projects.
I agree with Spike. It's also worth noting that the world was very different back then. There was no television, serial comic books, animation, video games, etc. Most everyone played an instrument and read books. Most everyone held close to family, and the depression was one of the first times that families had to split just to survive. Many survived solely on what they could grow in their gardens, but the point is that their attentions weren't so split/divided as they may be today.
A depression for most people in America today means downsizing their luxuries at the worst. We have no idea what it means to really, truly be poor. I think this may be a blessing in disguise.
As for artists and artwork. We will keep doing what we love, the real artists that is, and continue to mark time and events with our creations. The drive to be a real artist is not found in financial security as your example of Walt Disney displayed. He was a man of vision. He wanted to change the world. Sadly that vision was perverted. It's up to us to right that wrong and continue to better the world in Christ's name.
What was so perverted with Walt's dream? God let him have his reward, but why won't He give that or anything better to me? MySpace, Youtube, and Porn is now the only distraction people are going to...if California ended up (economically) like New Orleans or other Katrina states Hollywood all the theatres would shut down and nobody would be able to get their names out even if they spammed every popular webpage and forum in existence!
Clarification: Walt Disney (the man)'s dream was all good and well. He wished (as far as I understand) to encourage people of all ages to explore their imaginations and to have fun. Essentially to be kids at heart. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that Christ would approve based on some fairly famous scripture. (Matt. 18: 2-6)
What I was trying to say is that after Walt died, his vision was perverted into a more corporate design that was, and continues to be today, devoted solely to the profit margin. This includes (as an artist) selling your soul (basically) since working for them would mean you sign an NDA that assumes the rights to all your imagination as long as you work there.

Sorry for the confusion. :)
And I do agree with you UnchartedSpirit. It does seem a bit unfair, but everyone gets their rewards, good or bad. You reap what you sow. In relation to this, a Christian's greatest reward is serving and worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, and spirit. God reassures us in many ways throughout the Bible about our rewards for faith and faithful works (not to be confused with works for reward). He is always there with us, and cheering us on. Create something that glorifies Him, and an audience will appear to accept it. Let Hollywood and those others have their fame and fortune. Our rewards are much higher in the end, eh? Who knows? You may produce something that reaches many of those you mentioned and helps them to accept the Lord as their Savior! That would be awesome!
I guess that would be...but I heard almost every studio and production company that does anything similar to Disneys also mimics that copyright rule! It sucks because that's probably when I'd be producing my best work but I'd have to resort to bootlicking to even get it allowed onto my demo reel!
"... a Christian's greatest reward is serving and worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, and spirit."

I really should keep that in mind. It helps me keep my life in perspective.


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