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Search for Graphic Novelist for a Project with a Conservative POV

I have a story, written already, that is a perfect fit for a graphic novel, and is likely to have a pretty good market potential.

The theme is the effects of modern American Politically Correct culture on kids in public schools...set in a science fiction parallel world.....

In addition, I've got several other stories, from my experience as a CIA counter-terrorism operator, all but ready to go.

Mark Bowden, of Blackhawk Down fame, wrote an article on an operation I did in the Philippines:

I would like to team with an artist to do the graphic novel, potentially to be followed by a counter-terrorism series.

Do you have any ideas on how to find an artist to team with?

Thanks very much.


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Dear Kent,

I am not an artist, and am only an fan writer, but if I might make some suggestions?

Do a presentation pack for your work. A lot of times, and I am guilty of this, Christian aspiring writers are too vague about what their project needs are, or even what the story is about. You're already miles ahead of us, as your story is done and you've thought about production a bit. So, if I were in your situation I'd make up presentation emails with a few completed pages of script and a synopsis of the story along with a pitch for why you believe in the project. Also, be clear about whether it is a paid position or a partnership, and what kind of time frame you are looking at.

Once you have the packs done, go hunting. Email them to artists here who's styles and bios you like. I'd suggest looking through the pictures here and at Megazeen's ''. I don't know for certain, but it seems to me that artists will be more impressed and take the time to consider a well presented project.

I have the pleasure of working with 2 artists for personal projects which I hope will be self published soon. The first artist I had to ask personally to work with me. Prior to that I spent several years with unfinished scripts and making vague requests for artists with no results. He agreed, and we have a book that will hopefully see a small print run in the next couple of months:) The second artist volunteered to help work on another project which we will write together and he will be drawing. So wonderful miracles can happen, and God can send the perfect people your way, but sometimes he wants us to ask them first too, ha ha:)

You probably thought of all of this already, but I felt like saying it for other aspiring writers.

God bless you and your projects!
Gerry Lee
Gerry makes some good points here. I'd love to read a more thorough presentation of the project. It sounds fascinating to me, and if it takes a jab at the faults of public education, I might be interested in being involved.


I don't think that I mentioned the theme...but you are exactly right!

The theme is exactly public education. The story is set in a public school...and follows the travails and eventual triumph of a boy who is subjected to the soul-killing regimin of a public school.

I'd be happy to provide details....send me an email:

Welcome to CCAS! You're in the right place, as far as finding an artist. The next step may be to translate (if that's the right word) the fiction piece into a comic script, so the artist has some idea of how it is supposed to look and read.
I would be interested, Kent. I just uploaded a bunch of my work here or you can have a look at for more details.
Art is my profession, however, so I don't know how you are wanting to produce this. I can't afford any free work unfortunately at the moment.
Please let me know yay or nay. ;)
Thanks and God Bless,
sent you a couple emails and links to my work, though never got an answer from you, email is


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