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Hey all. Sorry its been so long since my last posts but life keeps getting in the way. I swear, i think this "having a life" stuff is over-rated.:) Anyway, Some of you know about this Zine-bug i caught awhile back. Well i finally finished PALADIN#1. I never got those tech issues resolved so i just decided that if i was gonna do it at all i was gonna have to do it by hand. So the whole shebang is hand-written, hand-drawn, and slapped on a xerox machine. If you would like a copy just let me know. Its totally free. Send you request to And i swear i'll start posting more when things slow down. :)

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Hey Anthony,
It's been awhile! Nice to hear from you, especially the good news that Paladin #1 is ready! Hope things calm down for you soon so you can hang out more with your family and us here and the other Christian comic message boards. I'm going to email you right now, talk with you soon:)

God bless you,
Gerry Lee
Hey Gerry. Its great to hear from you too. It has been awhile. For awhile i actually thought something had happened to you, like you were dead or something. I guess thats the one draw-back of the online scene. The not knowing. Got your email. I'll send #1 ASAP.:) Peace.
Hi Anthony,
I got the copy of "Paladin #1" in that wonderfully illustrated envelope, thank you very much! It's a fun little zine, thank you for making it! The quote from Proverbs 27:7 really floored me. Most of my favorite Christian comics are self published by inspired Christians, possibly with more heart and soul than technical and artistic ability. I'm not running them down at all. Because I truly love them. To me, it's the heart and soul of the comic that is that makes them uniquely Christian.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against great art, ha ha:) But simply put, technique is only as worthy as it's application, right? Anyway, I think I have a greater appreciation of the home grown comics I truly like because Christian comics are very rare. Like that Proverb says, one's appreciation is heightened in lean times, abundance dulls the hunger.

I was really intrigued by your background info on "Soldier of God", I had no idea! Well, you made me want to hunt down a copy and take a look. For that matter, I've got to read 'The Holy Spirit' again soon.

"Exiles", was that the alternate reality tripping Marvel series that brought back Illyana Rasputin? I read a couple of issues of that:)

Good work on Paladin, I hope you will keep writing your reviews either in this format, online, or any media I can get a hold of:) Seriously, I loved the home made look of the zine, and I loved the articles very much. It reminds me of what I love most about Christian comics. Heart and soul!

God bless you, your family, and all you love!
Gerry Lee
I'm glad you liked the Zine, Gerry, and the envelope. I really wanted the zine to be fun more than anything else since i don't really have the resources to provide any breaking news or anything like that. I suppose the main purpose, like i said in the zine, is to build awareness. I agree with about the christian comics. There are a lot of comics that might not be considered "good" by most people, but i like'em because they're christian comics made by christians who really want to do something. That Captain Salvation comic you sent me is a perfect example of that. Its not mainstream standards by any means but i love that comic. I've even thought of having Captain Salvation make a cameo in my comic book.
LOL I have nothing against great art either.:) And your right,technique is only as worthy as it's application. In the immortal words of Speed Racer, "Its the only thing i know how to do and i gotta do something." And your right on the money about Proverbs 27:7. Thats exactly how i feel.
Soldier of God is one of my favorite characters. You'll get mixed reactions though, about the property and the creator, but the property just has SO much potential. And i'm dedicated to "The Holy Spirit", in fact i've decided to start over again at #1 and make it a full size, full length comic book instead of a mini-comic.
Yup, Exiles is the one that did that. Its an Awesome book. And thanks again for all your kind words on PALADIN. I'm finishing up #2 right now, i'll try to send it before the end of April.:)


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