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Obama contends belief in Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation

Ok, this caught my attention right off, and I have no intention of voting for this guy!

Obama contends belief in Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation

Senator Barack Obama has told an audience that although he believes Christ died for his sins, those who reject that teaching can also be children of God.

During a campaign stop yesterday in Greensboro, North Carolina, Senator Obama told the audience that he believes he "can have everlasting life" because Jesus Christ died for his sins.

But he then told a questioner that he believes Jews and Muslims who live moral lives are just as much "children of God" as he is.

The Illinois Democrat added that his late mother didn't share his faith but was a kind and generous person, so he's "sure she's in heaven."

In his life and in his politics, Obama said he asks himself, "How can I apply Jesus's teachings in a very concrete way?"

Obama's religious beliefs have been put in the spotlight over recent revelations about his former pastor.

Videotapes of some of Pastor Jeremiah Wright's sermons have been described as being racist and anti-America.

Yesterday, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president referred to those sermon remarks as being "stupid," but he continues to reject suggestions that he should have left the church because of that kind of preaching from his pastor.

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Though I do agree that everyone is the children of God, cause it's true, Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation!
If politicians were smart, they would keep their religious beliefs to themselves, and let us judge them by their accomplishments and voting records. Most of our presidents have belonged to one Christian church or another, anyway.
True, but with the silver tongue, etc, they try to be so charismatic and mentioning their beliefs in a round-a-bout way trying to make it sound one way, where as if you listen intently, it means another. Besides, as far as voting goes, etc, God will allow the person that needs to be president, to be, because God's got a plan and it's going to happen no matter what.


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