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What projects are people working on in the Christian genre?

I'd love to hear what everyone is working on... I'm looking forward to the day where I can be part of an ongoing project myself in which will uplift the world with our Lords' word.

Tell ya what, if anyone needs an inker for a cover, gimme a shout... for those here, I would love to offer my cover inks for free to help with the cause. I figure it this way, we're all in this crazy industry together... we should help one another with our endeavors and improve our own skills in the progress.

That's the reason I started the Cadre Corner Studios after all. With that going mainstream and being focused primarily in the secular realms, I'd love to partake of something more directly connected with my heart as well. Attacking the masses from every side. :D

So, again... what's up with everyone and what's in works?

I'd love to help with promoting the different projects in my multitude of internet outlets.

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HEY! :D inker eh? Well, if all goes well with The Overcomers, a Graphic Novel series written by Howard Kent and art by myself, I may need a colorist in the not too distant future, if you can color well ^^ and you will be rewarded for it, either way. As for the projects folks are working on now mine are as follows:

The OVercomers Book I currently finished pages 1-29, working on pages 30-34 today

Medieval: An Adventure in a Foreign Land RPG book written by John Griffith and all illustrations including cover, but not the cartography ( maps) are illustrated by myself, currently working on a scene sketch and 4 creature concepts.

In spare time, I am filling my sketchbook with The Overcomers' sketches ^^ That sums it up for me lol for the next two months! LOL ( oh and when I can, to finish my new website)

God Bless and thanks for the new discussion!
Inker huh? I'd like to see some of my stuff inked by someone else. All i really do is trace, although i have started to shade and its made a great improvement. Right now i write and draw a book of my own called "The Holy Spirit", and i'm about to start a zine called "Paladin" for christian comic books. And i'm also working on a secular project with a friend of mine called "Fruit Force". Think "Metal Men" meets "Fruit of the Loom." LOL But thats what i'm up to.:)
Shoot me a pic you'd like to see inked... I'll put into my schedule somewhere and we'll see what turns out... something basic for starters would be easier to both get a feel for your style as well as easier to fit in my workload. email to

Diggin the Fruit Force concept... lol... could be outrageous.
Cool. Will do and Thanks.
I'm a story writer just now getting into the comic book arena. For years I've been writing sci-fi, fantasy, and super hero stuff, so curiosity led me here. I have a few projects with some potential, among them:

Morbidman - This is a series of plays I've written for the stage featuring Morbidman, a super hero who is chronically depressed, who fights alongside his partners Everyman and Master of the Obvious against the evil Dr. Insidious and his college interns. (Henchmen have unionized and are thus too expensive.) These plays deal with everything from existentialism to forgiveness to being who God made you to be. And yeah, lots of humor.

Cave World - A sci-fi story centered on a planet full of caves, each of which is actually a portal to another world. The Cave World is the creation of a teenage boy who one day accidentally writes himself into his own world, where he partners with the freedom loving people to save the galaxy from the evil Overlords who have taken over.

AKA Monica Deluna - Monica is a small town girl who just happened to grow up, move away and become the world's most notorious super villain, Demonica. After a smashing defeat at the hands of her arch-enemy War Eagle, Monica travels back to her home town to reunite witth family, rediscover her roots, and look up the boy she left behind. But Monica's not alone; former allies, enemies, and even War Eagle are hot on her trail, and none are willing to let her simply walk away from her evil past.

If any artists out there take an interest in any of these ideas, I'd love to hear from them!
Wow, Those are some awesome concepts. Morbid man is cool, but i also like AKA Monica Deluna. A really fresh take on the Superhero Genre, which i love. And cave World sounds awesome to. Kinda like "Sliders", one of the best shows ever. I can't wait to see these.
I'm working on a project called "Seraph". To summarize it loosely in one sentence, it's about "a defeated Christian man in over his head when God inexplicably grants him super powers, and the subsequent response of his wife, friends, and the world to what he does with them."

I haven't drawn comic book style in years so I'm learning the ropes again. I'm hoping to publish it in the secular market, right next to Marvel and DC titles instead of isolating it in the Christian market.
Well I'm working on two things right now. The first I've dedicated much of my time as of late to it. It is a comic series entitled SOLDIER OF THE THRONE. It centers around an evangelist turned supercharged hero and his endevors as the protector of mankind. Don't want to tell to much, but its going to be great. And the second is a book called MAN OF WAR: DEATH AND REBIRTH. This is about to societies on earth called EDEN and Terania and the struggle of man to become one society again. Don't want to tell to much here about that one either. But if you would like to know more about either, please let me know. I'm trying to find an Artist(s) to work with to complete the comic anyway!!!

Hey, folks. Back with an update. I have a rough draft of "AKA Monica Deluna" completed. It's a six part series about a super villain who goes back to her home town after a spectacular defeat at the hands of her arch enemy War Eagle. Monica reconnects with her roots and the girl she once was while War Eagle and old enemies try to track her down.

If any artists are looking for a fun, warped, and funny project with a Christian theme, please let me know.
of course many on this site are part of jesses story about teen male prostitutes aids alcohol life death hope the prodigal etc. I hope to be around by the time its done.
Oh hi Cadre, the inking guy right? ;-)
Hey well I go by queen of naboo on, and I've been working on comics for three years now, well on this comic for that long, lol! The comic I'm working on is called Jackket Knightmare, it's deals with the subject of child abuse, and the hero is a young pastor who doesn't know he turns into Jackket. :-) My comic tends to get compared a lot to The Crow, so much so that I showed it to James O'barr at one of the conventions, and his webmaster said "oh yeah he does, but we don't have the trademark on goth" lol
The real blessing was that later when I sent a pic and link to the webmaster he actually put them both up on O'barr's official site. ^^
Well even though to me Jackket is a blatant Christian work not a lot of people even catch that maybe cause it doesn't look like one. Anyway, in the next few months issue one should be out and I'm soo looking forward to getting this done and out there!
Beloved in Grace,


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