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Hi there,

I noticed no one's started any discussions here, so I thought I'd go ahead and be the first. Why don't we introduce ourselves and find out why we're here.

I'm Robin White, and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. I'm a missionary to Japan, but in a "previous life" I was a graphic designer. I've been drawing and reading comics since I was a kid, of course, and currently have some humour work online at I'm hoping to do something that proves I actually can draw, someday, and something with more plot and depth. In time I hope that I can use comics and other creative arts in ministry.

Who else is on here, and what are you up to?

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Hi Mike. Thanks for introducing yourself. Hopefully some more people will chime in too. Just wondering... speaking of the CCAS, what are they up to these days? I'd heard of them years ago and not heard much till recently, then stumbled on this site. How does one get more involved?

I'm a fine artist and writer, feeling led toward writing/illustrating Christian Comics, but I have a lot to learn. I'm looking for resources to learn everything I need to know.

I grew up reading Al Hartley's christian comics (over and over again! There weren't enough of them) and they impacted my life in a major way. I was raised in an unbelieving family and consider it a miracle that God brought his Gospel to me that way from a young age. God is so good.....

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better and to getting invovled in the world of Christian comics.


Hey Cheryl -- Welcome to the group! Hope we can get to know each other too.
Hey Cheryl... also pleased to meet your acquaintance as well... would love to see some of your work, got a link for us?
Howdy Michael... pleased to meet your acquaintance...
Thank you both for the replies. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your work as well . . . as I figure out how to navigate this forum.

Hey Sherwin... those are some great insightful tips as to who are some good people to talk with around here... I, myself have been in the comic realms for a short time, but not in the actual Christian comic industry although it has always been a part of my master plan.
God Bless you all. My name is Daniel Thompson. I am the graphic design half of Hope Illustrated. The other half is Russ Jackson, an incredibly talented comic artist. We're just getting started in what we hope will be a great opportunity to use our talents to spread God's message of hope. So far, we've done two posters and have a t-shirt in the works, but no funds to produce it yet. It's pretty tough getting started, but we have faith that it will all work to the glory of God. The reaction to our first poster has been great. A local Bible book store has started selling them.

Like I said, we're in the infant stages, so the following link leads to an incomplete site, but it's humble start.
Hi there, I am sooo new on this, that this is the first time I get into a forum or discussion, I am from Cuba, I have been reading your messages and got to say that I am exactly in the same position, i work as a comic maker here in this country but it is impossible to me to develop comics to honor God and find a way to publish them from here, anyway I got some in my blog.
so, how could I reach Billy Leavell, Don Ensign or Robert Flores anyway?
A lot of time has gone by since you posted your comment. I don't see that anyone responded to your post. If they did already, I'm sorry for being redundant.

You said you wanted to reach Billy Leavel, Don Ensign and Robert Flores but asked how to do it. I don't know if you've done this already, but they are all members of the network at the moment, so you can just find their profile page and click on the "Send a message" link. That should work.

I hope this is helpful.

Greetings Osvaldo... got yourself some mad skills there fella... great to see. Fill us in on what ya have been doing as of late... I added ya to my google reader blog list. :D My blog is if interested... more of my sites can be found in my official introduction... :D
hey Daniel... nice start to the site btw... gotta get those button/links working... I know what ya mean... funds are a necessary evil in many ways... however, faith will pull all followers through even if it's not i OUR time... all things work on HIS time and we must keep the faith that it is by His grace that we are here at all and that He has a plan for each of us... I'd love to know more about your HOPE book.


Welcome to the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) Online Network!

Did you know that CCAS has monthly meetings in the Los Angeles area? Contact Eric Jansen for more info!


Also, members of CCAS have produced the APAzine ALPHA-OMEGA for over 25 years!  We have about five openings right now!  Contact Eric Jansen for more info!  (This is a 30-member active-participation-only photocopied magazine for Christian writers and artists who submit a "trib" every other month for fun, fellowship, and critiques by other members.  Between postage and your photocopying costs, you might pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per issue.)

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