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I thought it would be good to have one place for name suggestions so Mr. Miley and whoever else is picking the name can find them easily.


Please just post name suggestions and keep discussion to a minimum so it's all easy to look through.

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How about "New Dawn Con?"

Chri-Fi, E.P.I.C. (Entertainment, Pop-culture, Imagination and Christ or Exploring Pop-culture In Christ) Pop-Culture Apostles, Sci-fi DiSCIples,  Magnifi-Con (Magnificat), Escha-Con (Eschaton), Genesis, Beza-Con or Oholi-Con after the two craftsmen set in charge of making the tabernacle or maybe O Holy-Con, XNY, Cruci-Fiction, Pop-Doxology, Glory-Fi, Sancti-Fiction, Sancti-fi, Nerdrygma (Kerygma), G.O.D. Con (Geeks, Otakus and Disciples) Theonerdstos (Theopneustos), Apopstle Con, Jesus Con. I'll try to think of more.

Here are some of the other names that were posted; Square Con, Straight Con, Golgotha Con, Golgotha Fest, XN Con, Geek Con, CreatiCon, Nerd Con, Goth Fest. @ Jotham- Thank you for setting up this thread.

"Christian Comic Con"
"Christian Comic Arts Con"

I like something that's simple and straightforward.  My first suggestion is as simple as it gets, but then it also has the side virtue of reminding people of Comic Con, but making it clear that this is THE comic alternative.

My second suggestion almost does the same, but it also plays off of CCAS' name.  The word "Arts" opens the whole thing up to a lot of things besides comics but that are related like original art, arts and crafts, movies, books, training (seminars), etc. 

Or just Christian Con or Christian Arts Con, Creative Christian Con, Christian Creations Con.

Haha, that was the name of where I used to go for Christian family counseling XD

Not a bad idea though, just whenever I hear it for me personally I'll think of counseling, haha. :)

Brien Sparling said:

How about "New Dawn Con?"

Okay, I'm just transferring this comment from the comments wall to here…will still be getting back to you on the other ideas I'm working on. (I like acronyms. :D)

Comment by Hailey Summer Galloway yesterday's some comic con name ideas:




P.S.-These are all my Dad's ideas, haha, so...I'll be getting back to you on my own. By the way, what do you guys think of using an acronym of some sort?

Okay, just to mention, I really like these names that Jotham has come up with:


E.P.I.C. (Entertainment, Pop-culture, Imagination and Christ or Exploring Pop-culture In Christ)




God Mode (like in video games), Christ Mode, Jesus Mode, (Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode is a Japanese Christian metal band. I don't know trademark law, but that's something to be aware of.)

What about CG Con (CG stands for Christian Geeks). And also, if possible, maybe have it in a different city every year, to reach more people. It may also be a good idea to have a discount for youth groups/church groups, to encourage them to attend. (Wouldn't it be great if a Christian teen invited a non-believing friend to the convention and they had a positive experience).

Well, I suppose we could have updated this thread, but we already had our first ALPHA-OMEGA CON last September in La Mirada, California!  We are already gearing up for the second annnual AO Con this September 19th!  Everyone who can do so, please join us!  Last year went great!


Welcome to the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) Online Network!

Did you know that CCAS has monthly meetings in the Los Angeles area? Contact Eric Jansen for more info!


Also, members of CCAS have produced the APAzine ALPHA-OMEGA for over 25 years!  We have about five openings right now!  Contact Eric Jansen for more info!  (This is a 30-member active-participation-only photocopied magazine for Christian writers and artists who submit a "trib" every other month for fun, fellowship, and critiques by other members.  Between postage and your photocopying costs, you might pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per issue.)

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