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Coming up with case ideas and action scenes/ Writer's block again

I've been having writer's block again. I was at a con last weekend and went to a writing panel and was very inspired, but all that's gone n…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 May 17
Reply by Thomas Schneider

Finding a way around a leap in logic

I'm working on the second case in "Brianna Golde, P.I.," and I've come across a leap in logic. In the case, Brianna's older brother, Darias…

Started by K.G. Adams

3 May 9
Reply by Kevin D. Lintz

The different power types/a great idea for my current series.

I've had awful writer's block for the last couple months, which almost prompted me to outright quit writing. Then I had vacation (I went to…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Mar 20
Reply by Gerard Lee

Not sure what direction to take my story

I'm having trouble deciding which way I want to take my story. I have some good ideas but don't know how to put them together into a cohesi…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Feb 8
Reply by K.G. Adams

Deciding on a character's "origin story"

I've been thinking about the origin of Brianna's powers, and I have two thoughts. Either way, she inherited her abilities from her father,…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Jan 22
Reply by K.G. Adams

Coming up with a name for my main character's condition

I'm sorry I haven't updated much. Things have been very chaotic lately. Anyway, in my current comic project, Brianns (the main character)'s…

Started by K.G. Adams

1 Jan 15
Reply by Sven Jacobs

The Strange tales of Oscar Zahn

Stumbled across this today based on a pop-up ad, so I suppose they work. The Webcomic is called The strange tales of Oscar Zahn by Tri Vuon…

Started by Brien Sparling

1 Nov 14, 2016
Reply by Sven Jacobs

Brianna and Dalton's Backstories

Here's what I came up with on Brianna and Dalton's backstories: Brianna has pretty much shut herself out of the world. After her powers ca…

Started by K.G. Adams

1 Oct 21, 2016
Reply by Brien Sparling

Christian Comics, Fantasy/Sci fi

What Christian Sci fi comics do you highly recommend. If there isn't any in the Sci Fi Genre, Fantasy would be good too. I have read secula…

Started by John Klobuchar

2 Oct 21, 2016
Reply by Joe Chiappetta

Deciding on nationality of a character

Sorry for the inactivity for a while. I've been REALLY busy with college. Anyway, I'm trying to decide on a few details about my case: 1.…

Started by K.G. Adams

3 Oct 3, 2016
Reply by Gerard Lee


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