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Need help with how powers are inherited in my series

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my series. One of the things I’m working on right now is how powers are inherited. Brianna inherited her…

Started by K.G. Adams

4 22 hours ago
Reply by Yoshi Rhul

Story of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels

Hi Guys Im writing a kids book on history. Im new to Christianity and Biblical study and am wanting more info on the Lucifer and the Falle…

Started by Baden Thomas Hohapata

12 Dec 3
Reply by Jim Pinkoski

Need some help with my comic

I’d like to thank the person who commented on my last post. I’ve decided to use the term “irregular” to describe my superpowered characters…

Started by K.G. Adams

3 Nov 26
Reply by K.G. Adams

Need help with a few plot points

I had an AWESOME time at Amaicon today! It went really well and I saw some amazing cosplays. By far my favorite was an Ace Attorney group c…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Nov 15
Reply by Yoshi Rhul

Just a few issues in my comic

So I've run into a problem. I've been using the term "mutant" (after the power-causing mutation) to describe the superpowered characters in…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Nov 6
Reply by K.G. Adams

Came up with a new scene

I came up with the scene where Brianna transforms voluntarily for the first time, but I need some advice on how to make it work. The case…

Started by K.G. Adams

1 Oct 26
Reply by Kevin D. Lintz

Noticing another works seeping into my series

Okay, I have a confession to make: I have a MASSIVE obsession with the Ace Attorney games right now. I really enjoy the unique cases, well-…

Started by K.G. Adams

3 Oct 20
Reply by Raquel Florez

Working around another leap in logic

I'd like to start off by thanking everyone who commented on my last discussion. I very much appreciate your ideas. However, I found a leap…

Started by K.G. Adams

0 Sep 24

What to do about Brianna's clothes when she transforms

I've been trying to decide what happens to Brianna's clothes when she uses her shapeshifting powers. My original thought was to have her "n…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Sep 4
Reply by Brien Sparling

Sample Scripts

Hi, would any of the writers on this site allow me to draw one of their scripts for practice? I want to do some sequential pages but I'm no…

Started by Jeniah Daniels

2 Aug 15
Reply by Jeniah Daniels


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