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Any Thoughts About what Training Brianna goes through

I’m trying to decide what training Brianna goes through to learn how to use her powers. I know it’s going to take her quite a bit of time t…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Jun 29
Reply by D. Ellis

Unique Twist with Hazel’s Power

I’m getting ready to go on a camping trip tomorrow and have no idea if I’ll be able to post anything. I’ll start on the drawing of Hazel an…

Started by K.G. Adams

0 May 27

Came up with a drawback to body snatching

I’ve been playing around with the drawbacks of different Irregular abilities in my series and came up with a good one for Hazel. When Hazel…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 May 20
Reply by K.G. Adams

Creating A Female Character Who Challenges the Status Quo

I have created a character who goes against the traditional size 2 super heroine body type and has protagonist’s love interes…

Started by Natalie Rodarte

5 May 14
Reply by Yoshi Rhul

Working out the Basics of how Superhuman Abilities Work in my Series

Sorry I haven’t posted more discussions. I haven’t been writing as much and I’m getting used to Medibang Paint. Anyway, I’m working on the…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 May 13
Reply by K.G. Adams

A new concept for my series

Exciting news! I just finished playing the second case of Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice. I thought it was going to be my most hated cas…

Started by K.G. Adams

1 Apr 26
Reply by Brien Sparling

When should Brianna’s brother get killed off

I’m trying to figure out at what point Brianna’s older brother, Darias, is going to get killed off. Originally his murder was going to be t…

Started by K.G. Adams

4 Apr 17
Reply by K.G. Adams

Deciding which power Hazel will have/ worried about ripping off a Podcast I like

I’ve been very busy lately. I had two vacations and a gymnastics meet very close together (I did work on some writing for both my current o…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Apr 4
Reply by K.G. Adams

Neural Journal 2: Hopes and madness

Journal entry:Hopes and Madness Entry by: Subject 193:2, Jà’kar, age 7 Entry Date: 178th day, Season of Flame, Year 4538 ATP Journal Entry:…

Started by Michael Frantz

0 Feb 3

Genesi, The First Home World - # 2

Genesi, the First Home World, part 2: Genesian Historian Document Number: 2529047 Submitted by Dot’ri [REDACTED], former member of the Gene…

Started by Michael Frantz

0 Feb 3


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