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Need Help from Pro Comic Book Artists ASAP!!!

This is a email Ive sent to Image Marvel and DC and they have not got bck to me please read and maybe you can help or send this to someone…

Started by Warrior4JahLatest Reply

I'm no architect...

Drawing people I can do. Animals-I'm okay. Landscapes-no hills I can't climb there. But BUILDINGS! I've used tons of resources, but the bui…

Started by CaseyLatest Reply

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I am teaching a high school art class on cartooning. I need a sample script that would be pretty simple for these kids to draw. They aren't…

Started by Robert L. McFaddin

6 Nov 21
Reply by Brien Sparling

Minor Art Tip: Mechanical Pencil Erasers

If you're like me, your mechanical pencil runs out of eraser long before lead. Here's a minor trick I use to get a little more life out of…

Started by Aaron Uglum

1 Oct 25
Reply by Yoshi Rhul

Pseudo-Poll: Favorite Eraser

So what's your favorite eraser? The stalwart vinyl brick? The quirky kneaded eraser? The mysterious art gum? (Well, it's mysterious to me.…

Started by Aaron Uglum

6 Oct 19
Reply by Aaron Uglum

Help with Manga Studio

I have just recently purchased Manga studio to use to complete the manga I'm working on and I've run into a snag. I've chosen my paper size…

Started by Jennifer Franke

7 Mar 7
Reply by Brian Durham

Need drawing advice

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to create the images and pages for the manga I'm writing. I tried using Fire Alpaca and a Wacom tabl…

Started by K.G. Adams

2 Aug 11, 2016
Reply by K.G. Adams

Benefits of "fan-art" and who owns it.

      Derivative works are art or writing using someone else’s creations, for example my use of the character Peter Rabbit (1938 creation o…

Started by Brien Sparling

4 Aug 10, 2016
Reply by Kevin D. Lintz

Wondering about Wacoms and Software

I was wondering about what software to get for creating my manga series. I was thinking the deluxe version of manga studio, but is there an…

Started by K.G. Adams

11 Feb 3, 2016
Reply by Mia Pearce

What do I do with my gifts?

Hello friends! I've been bogged down lately with some things. And I just want some advice from anyone who might know what this is like.  I…

Started by Afiya (Blyu-Dono)

10 Jan 15, 2016
Reply by Tazia Hall

Good "how to draw animals" books/ where to find resources for drawing the transformation scenes

I'm looking for some good books on how to draw animals so I can practice. I also need some suggestions on good books about drawing anthro f…

Started by K.G. Adams

4 Nov 10, 2015
Reply by K.G. Adams

How many just draw?

I'm curious to know, since I'm not a pro, how many people just "draw" what they want to appear vs. designing and refining. I've watched a l…

Started by John McLoughlin

5 Nov 9, 2015
Reply by Aaron Uglum


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