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NEEDTOBREATHE’s newest album “H A R D L O V E” released on July 15, 2016. A good mix of fun and upbeat as well as slow and meaningful songs, this album is a favorite of mine, as a longtime fan of NEEDTOBREATHE. The album’s title track HARD LOVE is an encouraging upbeat song about perseverance and strength. I feel like the lyrics from this song really capture the theme of this album overall… strength, loss, and redemption. “When the wolves come and hunt me down I will face them all and stand my ground ‘Cause there’s a fire burnin’ […]

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Top 9 Movies on Netflix About World Leaders

The leaders of our nation, and of our world have very tough jobs. While all of them are human and are far from perfect many of them have done really great things and made huge impacts on where we are today. On our list today we have 9 movies and documentaries that highlight the life and work of some of the most well-known world leaders. All of these movies are on Netflix so you can easily watch them whenever you wish. So next time you are looking for something new to watch, turn on one of these films and see if […]

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Movie Review: Until Forever

Until Forever is a film about the strength of love in the midst of fear, the endurance of hope in the midst of loss, and the reality of faith in the midst of doubt. Until Forever documents Michael and Michelle Boyum’s love story which takes a tragic turn when Michael is diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Thier relationship is challenged, and Michael’s faith is put to the test in the months of hospitalization. Throughout the brutal side-effects of  treatment, Michelle stays by his side, providing the love, laughter, and the support he needs. Micheal’s faith in God remains strong, […]

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Top 13 Motivational Songs to Clean House To

It doesn’t matter if you are a twelve-year-old doing your required chores from your parents, or if you are a grown adult scrubbing your own bathroom, we all need a little motivation sometimes when it comes to cleaning house. This list of 13 songs is upbeat, and fun, with a nice mix of the classics and newer popular songs. We hope these songs help you enjoy your house cleaning tasks just a little bit more, or at least will help the time go by quicker. So pick up your broom and dustpan and have a little bit of fun today […]

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10 Awesome Songs to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer…the hottest months of the year. They always are, but somehow every year the heat seems to creep in and surprise us all. It is a scorcher this year and though we can’t send you all fans and crank down your AC’s for you, we can give you some songs that may help you pass the time during these very hot months. So hop in the pool, grab yourselves an ice cold drinks and enjoy these songs today. Have you heard these songs? Help us rank them by voting for your favorite(s). What are you favorite ways to cool off […]

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"art for new story"

This is for a new story I wrote that has Chris & Halo trying to re hydrate Bosworth's home planet (which is why Bosworth wanted to drain the Earth's oceans in the original Christian Soldiers).
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"Did anyone else attend Comic-com 2016 in San Diego? And when is the next Christian Comic Arts Society meeting?"
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"Hi All. Sorry I have not been on for a while! I was able to attend Comic-con 2016 in San Diego on Friday! It was GREAT!!"
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Horse racing

Made this after telling an acquaintance exciting things to do at the beach.
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Mangaka, Gamer, and Writer Here! 1 Reply

Hi. I'm new to this site. Well, technically I joined in late 2015 but got busy and didn't get the chance to properly introduce myself.My name is Dana W. Martinez and I'm a Christian girl who's been working on a manga for 8 years now. God has given…Continue

Tags: mystery, mangaka, commissions, supernatural, history

Started by Dana W. Martinez in INTRODUCTIONS. Last reply by Kevin D. Lintz yesterday.

The God I believe in is Love not Hate 10 Replies

I have seen alot of christians seen to hate or think being gay is sinful but why? if two people is in love and happy isn't that a good thing why look down on them? so their different  so was Jesus ,  no one really knows for sure if God made the…Continue

Started by rosetta mcbride in GENERAL/MISC. Last reply by wretchlikeme on Sunday.

Two Prayer Requests 2 Replies

I've had an awesome time in Colorado! I head home tomorrow and won't be home until late at night. Anyway, I have two prayer requests:1. A boy at my church has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder. I'm not sure entirely what it is, but I know it…Continue

Started by K.G. Adams in PRAYER. Last reply by K.G. Adams Jul 19.

Will we soon be banned from Comic Cons? 5 Replies

The major subject in America right now is the Supreme Court's act of legalizing same sex marriages in this country and there are Christian leaders who warn that tougher times are ahead for Christians living in the United States. Since engaging in a…Continue

Started by Ryan Negus in GENERAL/MISC. Last reply by rosetta mcbride Jul 18.

Anyone know of some good Drawing apps for iPad Pro? 1 Reply

What are the best (and least expensive) drawing apps for iPad Pro?

Started by K.G. Adams in GENERAL/MISC. Last reply by rosetta mcbride Jul 18.

New style, tying to reclaim the mojo

Been off the wagon for a few weeks, trying to get back in the groove of drawing…Continue

Started by Landon J Weckerly in 2D ARTWORK Jul 17.

Blog Posts


Posted by Al Nickerson on July 22, 2016 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

We started work on a demo for the AN ACT OF FAITH: THE SWORD OF EDEN Motion Comic. Here's a graphic that's being used in the intro...…


Cat Meme Bible Study?

Posted by Axiom Illustration on July 5, 2016 at 8:42pm 1 Comment

In a move that set the Christian community ablaze with…


LABS Cartoon - July 2, 2016

Posted by Aaron Uglum on July 2, 2016 at 7:09am 0 Comments

The acronym bot returns!

Also, I've changed my update day from Friday to Saturday.…


Added some music downloads to my site

Posted by Aaron Uglum on June 26, 2016 at 5:25pm 2 Comments

I added a new (non-cartoon) feature on my site, some instrumental electronic music I make from time to time:

It's free…


Here’s how Nemish-Man likes to juice his TV…

Posted by Al Nickerson on June 19, 2016 at 11:33am 0 Comments

This September, the School of Visual Arts is having a film and animation festival showcasing the work of alumni. I submitted to the festival the AN ACT OF FAITH: THE SWORD OF EDEN trailer, as well as the JUCE TV television I.D. spot…


New webcomic - Team SLUG Origins

Posted by Kevin D. Lintz on June 16, 2016 at 7:44pm 1 Comment

We are happy to announce a collaborative webcomic between me and Kevin Terry, Team SLUG Origins!

Team SLUG is a comic that I created with another writer named Shannon Thomas and an artist named Matt Kaufenberg. It has appeared in…


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