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Top 7 Food & Travel Television Shows On Netflix

Food, travel and Netflix, those three sound like a pretty great combination. We dedicated ranking lists to Netflix shows before and today’s list is a fun one in that genre. These 7 shows are all currently streaming on Netflix and are all about food and travel. We don’t always have access to new exotic food, and we can’t always hop on an airplane to travel whenever we want. Enter Netflix. If we can’t taste and experience it all ourselves, settling on some fascinating television shows all about it will have to do. Sit back, live vicariously through these 7 food […]

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Jack Sparrow would often tell his cohorts to “wait for the opportune moment.” Well, perhaps he should have taken his own advice because I think the opportune moment for Captain Jack to sail off into the sunset leaving behind nothing but fond memories of himself has passed. Don’t get me wrong, I never expected one really good movie based off of an amusement park ride to be made, but clearly expecting five really good movies to be made based off that ride was expecting one (more likely at least two) too many. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell […]

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Album Review: The War is Over, Josh Baldwin

The War is Over by Josh Baldwin is the newest Bethel Music release. The worship leader’s first solo project for Bethel was inspired by his cross-country move from North Carolina to California. The album tells a story of embarking on an appointed journey accompanied by the hope and promise found in Christ. Baldwin’s journey and the album echo Abraham’s life. Baldwin connects with the Old Testament patriarch in “Abraham.” On this altar, on this road You have called me from my home The weight I carry is not my own Spirit move this heart of stone The sojourner’s song continues […]

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8 Of The Greatest Books To Motivate You

Life is busy, summer plans are in the works, things just feel chaotic and motivation is lacking. Are you feeling that too? Today we have a list full of books that might give you the little push you need. These 8 books are all about finding motivation, staying motivating and using that motivation to pursue the things in life that are important to you. Take some time to slow down, set aside the things stressing you out for one moment and grab one of these books to help you refocus. Grab one of these books to read and help us […]

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Top 8 Movies That Take Place In Airplanes

Summer is upon us and that also means travel plans are in the works for many people. For some families their summer travel plans will involve flying. Today, we thought it would be fun to do a list of movies that take place in airplanes for our readers to help us rank. Whether you love flying or you would be happy never stepping foot on a plane you can at least enjoy these 8 movies. These movies are full of action, suspense, some romance and of course all things airplanes. Have you seen these movies? Help us rank them by […]

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"Jack Souper A.K.A. Has Been"

This is a colored cover for a new gray scale story. Other than submitting to Mad Magazine, I'm not sure who else considers comedies.


Just a few updates

1. I went to see "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" today. It was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Definitely check it out if you have a chance. It does have quite a bit of swearing and a few sexual references (one of which made sense in the story), but the positive…Continue

Started by K.G. Adams in GENERAL/MISC May 19.

Coming up with case ideas and action scenes/ Writer's block again 2 Replies

I've been having writer's block again. I was at a con last weekend and went to a writing panel and was very inspired, but all that's gone now.Every time I try to write, I have so much trouble phrasing the words on my iPad that I can only get one…Continue

Started by K.G. Adams in STORYTELLING/WRITING. Last reply by Thomas Schneider May 17.

"Frank Miller got me thinking..." 1 Reply

"Frank Miller got me thinking..." (I share some recent thoughts about comic book Creators' Rights.) …Continue

Started by Al Nickerson in GENERAL/MISC. Last reply by Al Nickerson May 16.

Finding a way around a leap in logic 3 Replies

I'm working on the second case in "Brianna Golde, P.I.," and I've come across a leap in logic. In the case, Brianna's older brother, Darias (who also had powers similar to Brianna's) is murdered, and Dalton ends up defending the man accused of…Continue

Tags: BriannaGoldePI

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Scourge of the Shadow Dragon 1 Reply

The Scourge of the Shadow Dragon is the third adventure of Captain Sun by Bryce Morgan. The 39 page e-book is available for Kindle through Amazon,  or for a bargain 99 cents as an email-pdf through…Continue

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Consistent life themes throughout stories

First and foremost, I'd like to politely request that you NOT comment unless you believe in the consistent life ethic, as this post very much pertains to it. Anyway, the consistent life ethic is something I hold very dearly to my heart as a result…Continue

Tags: life, Consistent

Started by K.G. Adams in FAITH AND CREATIVITY May 4.

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LABS Cartoon - April 29, 2017

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Thus ends the Roscoe Bushmeyer storyline.…


Penguin & Peep - Only 3 days left!

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It's been a learning experience running a Kicstarter…


Miss is now Mrs!

Posted by Mia Pearce on April 12, 2017 at 8:57am 7 Comments

Long time no write!

I got married a few weeks ago! I am now Mia Pearce :)  Well not officially since we're still messing with the whole name change but I am a Pearce nonetheless! 

I've got some commission stuff in store and…


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