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Top 9 TV Shows On Netflix Instant That Will Make You Cry

You’ve probably heard the saying or maybe you have even said the phrase, “I just need a good cry.” Maybe you’ve had a rough day, are feeling overwhelmed or maybe you just need to sit down and release some pent up emotion. Regardless of the reason, this list of TV shows is meant to help you out. These 9 shows tell great stories, follow passionate, determined characters, and will leave you emotionally involved in each story. Whether you need a good cry or are just looking for a new show to watch we hope this list has given you somewhere […]

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Top 11 Christian Songs That Tell A Story

Storytelling is a gift. Not everyone is skilled at telling a great story that keeps everyone’s attention. It is even a greater skill to tell a story through song. These 11 Christian songs do just that and keep the listeners attention as they wait to find out how the story develops through the lyrics and music. This list contains a good mixture of happy stories, sad stories, stories of parenting, marriage and love. Have you heard these 11 songs? Help us rank them by voting for your favorites. What other songs do you know that tell a story? I hope […]

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Movie Review: Union Bound

Union Bound is a faith-based film based on the actual diaries of real-life soldier Joseph Hoover. Union Bound tells the story of Hoover’s journey back to the Union with the unlikely help of a slave on the Underground Railroad. Directed by Harvey Lowry, Union Bound stars Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone (JFK, Nixon, The Doors) as Joseph Hoover, who is quiet, contemplative, and sometimes flat. Randy Wayne (To Save a Life; The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning) adds much-needed vibrancy to the duo as Hoover’s fast-talking friend, Tom. Tank Jones (The Deadliest Gun, Breaking Bad) plays Jim, the runaway slave who assist the Union soldiers in finding their way back to […]

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Top 8 Christian TV Shows To Stream Instantly On Netflix

We live in the age of information and technology overload. Unfortunately, that overload isn’t always beneficial, Christian or family friendly. It seems more and more difficult to find TV shows that you can sit down and watch as a family. We set out to find some of the more positive and faith-based shows and have included them in this list. Not all of these shows would be considered Christian but they are included because they are family friendly and encouraging shows. Have you watched any of these TV series? Help us rank them by voting for your favorites. What Christian […]

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Review: Owlegories Volume 3: The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons

Spy House Productions and Gundersen Entertainment will release a brand new Owlegories™ adventure, Owlegories™ Vol. 3 – The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons, on May 17. You can check out the review of Volume 1: The Sun, The Seed and The Water here and Volume 2: The Ant, The Fruit, and The Butterfly here. Owlegories has been a favorite in my home since the release of Volume 1. My toddler loves watching the episodes and as a mom I am so grateful for a show that not only delivers something fun and entertaining, but also makes delivering gospel-centered truths a priority throughout each episode. I had high […]

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HALLELUJAH comics anthology 9 Replies


Started by Calvary Comics in PROMOS. Last reply by Calvary Comics on Thursday.

Please Pray for my Grandmother-in-law 3 Replies

My aunt's mother has been diagnosed with a lung disorder.  I know she's getting old, but I can't imagine my life without her being there for our family (yes, I realize she will die someday; I'm just not ready yet). She used to babysit for me and my…Continue

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Profile Picture Upload Trouble 4 Replies

I may be missing something(and this is not all too rare for me)but I cannot seem to upload a new profile picture no matter the size.All my images are under 10MB and I am attempting from a public desktop computer.Anyone have any ideas and/or…Continue

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An Official Hello 2 Replies

 "The Foolishness of Christ is greater then the wisdom of the World..."Really, that's a personal motto for me, nowadays.But, hello to all! I've been a lifelong fan of comics, sci-fi and fantasy ever since the tender age of five. I grew disgusted by…Continue

Started by The Fool in INTRODUCTIONS. Last reply by The Fool May 14.

Need ideas for my first case 6 Replies

I've come across a huge problem: I can't come up with an idea for my first case. In fact: I've only been able to come up with three good case ideas in all, two of which I don't know if they'll work. Any advice?

Started by K.G. Adams in STORYTELLING/WRITING. Last reply by K.G. Adams May 7.

"A light in the darkness" 2 Replies

Hi, guys! When it comes to art, it's great to learn all about your craft so that you can be the best you can be. But in the end, art is just a skill & there's always someone who can do it better than you. However, if you have a story that you're…Continue

Started by Joe Allen Ives in INTRODUCTIONS. Last reply by Brien Sparling May 5.

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If anyone wants some free signed AN ACT OF FAITH prints...

Posted by Al Nickerson on May 7, 2016 at 1:15pm 1 Comment

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

If anyone wants some free signed AN ACT OF FAITH prints, then snail-mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope (big enough to fit a comic book), and I'll mail your some free signed prints:

PO Box…


I had a great time at the Avon Con comics convention...

Posted by Al Nickerson on April 17, 2016 at 2:02pm 2 Comments

I had a great time at the Avon Con comics convention. I shared a table with the Great Ron Ferdinand.

The fans were enthusiastic and kind. I signed a bunch of AN ACT…


The official AN ACT OF FAITH: THE SWORD OF EDEN trailer is now online...

Posted by Al Nickerson on April 15, 2016 at 2:35pm 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

The official AN ACT OF FAITH: THE SWORD OF EDEN trailer is now online...

Holy is…


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